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This community is dedicated to the appreciation of the wonder of trees. I invite you to come share your photos and thoughts with other lovers of trees from far and wide :)

Photogrove was originally a community devoted ONLY to tree photography; I now invite you to submit anything tree-related: Tree news, tree art, tree writing or ramblings---either your own or the work of others. Please feel free to add words to your pictorial entries...a description of your photo and its location would be wonderful, but so would history, tree lore, poetry, or anything else you wish to say. Of course, be courteous and positive/constructive in your interactions here. Join the community to post, or join the community just to watch, comment, and enjoy.

Dear community members:
Please limit photo size to 600 x 400. If you cannot, please place larger photos behind a cut. If you have several pictures to post, please place all but one behind a cut. This will eliminate difficulties for those with dial-up connections, and those who like their friends view to be as condensed as possible. Thank you!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket